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How do you get the most out of your trip to Washington, DC?
Do your research beforehand to find things here that peak your interest. Once you get here, ask locals in restaurants, transit system, etc what their faves are.Get a SmarTrip card (SmarTrip® | WMATA) • you can do so in advance. It will allow you to ride the bus (MetroBus) and train (MetroRail/subway). Determine how long you’re going to stay and how you plan on traveling to different sites before you load money on your card. It may be more advantageous for you to get a weekly rail or bus pass instead. Almost all the local transit systems in the suburbs of DC (Fairfax, VA, PG County the Bus, etc) take SmarTrip cards.If you wanted to go to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore (or your flying in/out of BWI Airport), you can take the MARC train (MARC Fares | Maryland Transit Administration) there and pal around for a few hours and then head back to DC.I say the best time of year to come would be April/May…. Its not blazing hot/humid yet. The cherry blossoms are spectaround the Tidal Basin.
How can one get the most out of a summer internship in Washington DC?
"get the most" is ambiguous...but here goesprofessionally - make sure you take full advantage of your workplace. ask questions, make friends with fellow interns, cultivate a mentor relationship with someone you admire. work hard, but work smart.socially - go out. nighttime - go to dupont and adams morgan, try madam's organ, dan's cafe, japone, mason inn, 18th street lounge, brass monkey, town hall go to brunches, dc's favorite activity - some of the best are ardeo+bardeo, chadwick's, founding farmers/farmers fishers and bakers, the daily grill, the hamilton. happy hours - paolo's, pizzeria paradiso, tabard inn, old ebbitt culturally - go to museums, they're free! go to jazz in the park on friday afternoons, buy sangria or make your own and bring it. go to all the events in the summer, keep up on festivals and events on the mall! go kayaking on the potomac and eat lunch one day at the kennedy center - hey, go to a kennedy center show if you can!
How can I make the most out of my work and travel experience to Washington DC this summer?
Get a subway map. www,wmata, comMost of the more famous tourist sites are accessible by the subway. You'll save yourself the hassle of trying to get a parking space and get to see washingtonians, both native and transplanted, in our natural splendor *koff, koff*See if you can befriend a native. We can take you to the places where the tour buses don't go, including at hours when they don't run, such as Haines Point at night, to see The Awakening-- great statue on the Potomac river, and Dumbarton Oaks.
What would happen if North Korea followed up on its threat and launched a nuclear strike against the US? How would the US respond (2013–17)? Would it matter if it was successful? Would the US respond in kind?
I'll go question by question as you've asked them.Would it matter if the nuclear strike was successful?Hell no. The US would respond the same way regardless if NK blew up San Francisco, an Aleutian Island, or if it landed undetonated in Hawaii.Would the US respond in kind with a nuclear strike?No. Regional actors would stop the United States from ever going so far. Nuclear activity so close to Russia, China, South Korea, and Japan would be utterly unacceptable. The US would have the freedom to act with impunity, just shy of nukes.Is M.A.D a deterrent for North Korea?Yes...but There are two reasons this question is irrelevant, though. First, you're already assuming NK has acted on its threats, so deterrent went out the window a while ago. Second, NK would never use their nukes to attack anyone because they are a much more powerful political bargaining chip. Look at the correlation between food aid and nuclear tests for some evidence.What would the US' population want the response to be?Regime change. I think that the more impassioned masses would demand a nuke back, but they're unrealistic. The American people would settle for toppling the NK government and overthrowing Kim.What would the international community allow?Anything short of nuclear attacks. It's wholly unrealistic to think that the world would condemn US action against NK after getting nuked for Pete's sake. C'mon...How much blame would be on the North Korean civilian populace?None. Kim Jong Un and his regime have literally brainwashed the NK people. Regardless, it is unrealistic to assume that the North Koreans would have a say in anything the regime does anyway.Would a decapitation action (removing Kim) be an alternative?It would be the primary action. The United States would launch a military strike on the key portions of the NK defense array, then go in and obliterate the NK military and government. It would give control over the country to South Korea (assuming NK didn't artillery strike it into Armageddon) for rebuilding into a unified Korea.
What bars in Washington DC are affiliated with sports teams from out of town?
New England Patriots: Murphy's Grand Irish Pub (filled w/ people in Bruschi and Brady jerseys every Fall Sunday), Kelly's Irish Times (home to one of the DC Patriots fan clubs)Boston Red Sox: Too many to count, really, but a few notables are Rhino Bar in G'town and the Ugly Mug in Barracks Row. Or you could just go to Camden Yards (aka Fenway Park South) when the Sox are playing the O's.
How many minority residents moved out of Washington DC after Trump took office?
Because he took office? Probably none. The President has no control at all over Washington DC and the governing thereof.
Where are the most reasonable, safe, hotels outside of Washington, DC, to stay at when visiting DC?
The Embassy Suites Hotel at Friendship Heights is right on the border between DC and Montgomery County, Maryland. It is on top of the Friendship Heights Metro station on the Red Line, surrounded by shopping and restaurants, and just five stops from the National Zoo, six stops from DuPont Circle, and a few more stops from all the downtown attractions.If you want to stay in Virginia there is a recently remodeled Hyatt at the Rosslyn Metro station in Arlington (Orange and Blue Lines). The Key Bridge Marriott is a slightly shorter walk into Georgetown but correspondingly farther from the Metro. Don't let anyone tell you that you need a car to do most of the DC visitor stuff. Parking is expensive and difficult, and the Metro will take you everywhere.
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