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How to complete any SBA Form 1368 online:

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  4. Make sure that you enter correct details and numbers throughout suitable areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Https disasterloan sba gov ela account register1

Instructions and Help about Https disasterloan sba gov ela account register1

Renters with disaster damage our loss may be eligible for federal help renters who experience losses from federally declared disasters may be eligible to get disaster recovery assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA and the US Small Business Administration SBA survivors may be able to get grants from FEMA to help with such disaster related expenses such as renting a new place to live when their previous home was lost due to the damage disaster related medical and dental expenses replacement or repair of necessary personal property lost or damaged in the disaster such as microwave refrigerator couch bed textbooks computers used by students and work equipment or tools used by self-employed repair or replacement of vehicles damaged by the disaster disaster related funeral and burial expenses Demuth's grants are not loans and do not have to be paid back FEMA grants are not taxable and will not impact the benefits you may receive from Social Security Medicaid welfare assistance supplement nutritional assistance program snap or any other programs you may get benefits from renters who sustained losses can call 861 3 362 video relay users or 7 1 1 users may call 861 3 362 tty users may call FEMA directly at eight hundred four six two seven five eight five or you can go online at disasterassistance.gov use the FEMA app for your smartphone's renters also can register with FEMA at a disaster recovery center to find the nearest disaster recovery center visit w-w-w dec the US Small Business Administration offers low-interest loans to businesses of all sizes most private nonprofit organizations homeowners and renters renters may be able to get SBA low-interest disaster loans for up to forty thousand to help repair or replace disaster damaged personal property for more information about disaster loans call SBA disaster assistance customer service center at eight hundred six five nine two nine five five if you use seven-11 or video relay service you can call 865 nine two nine five five tty users may call 808 77833 nine you can email disaster customer service at sba.gov or visit sba.gov slash disaster applicants may also be able online to apply using the electronic loan applications VIS be a secure website at disaster loan dot sba.gov slash ELA we are committed to making sure that people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs get services and assistance when registering with fema you should let them know you have a reasonable accommodation request.

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