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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What is schedule of liabilities

Instructions and Help about What is schedule of liabilities

Welcome back mrs. Laura McGee you must leave strong divorce services next we're going to work on filling out the FL 142 which is the schedule of assets and debts so here you are back on the forms page and scroll down to the FO 142 and after you've looked at this video go to the fill on line button this is going to take you to PDF filler and you will put in your name and your email to get yourself started this form is going to be delivered directly to my inbox and what you should know about this form is it operates like a table of contents okay I'm gonna got it there we go let's go okay so it'll brace like a table of contents take a look up here top of the right-hand corner of the screen and make sure that you realize that this form will only allow you to list all of your assets and your debts all of the documents that support the values you came up with you need to scan to your spouse and copy me or bring three copies with you one for you one for your spouse and one for me when you come in for the mediation session and you're prepared to actually exchange your financial disclosures so like the other forms we'll start up here put your name in here and your self represented so you put your name here and you can put your phone number in here if you like it's always ease of reference if I do have a phone number but it's not required as before you are self-represented litigants so you'll fill that in here and we are not exchanging this court this forum with with the court it's going to be a private document see this up here this form should not be filed with the court so this is going to be exchanged so all of this information is what you have collected and your spouse is collected and your exchanging again we're County of San Diego and we've been working with the presumption that husbands petitioner so we'll just do that again and the respondent spouse name will go here so each of you can fill this form out there's two ways of doing it sometimes couples sit down together and they each fill one out both the petitioner and the respondent but what they do is they make them duplicates of one another exactly the same if you run your counts together and all the passwords and everything are completely transparent and that's an option for you feel free to do that if you only have your own information available fill out everything that you know and what you believe might be the case in terms of the other party's assets and we'll we'll work on it together from there so again you'll put your case number in if you're filing in 2022 we'll start with.


Does an NRI need to fill in Schedule AL (Assets and Liabilities) of ITR-2 if his/her income outside India is more than 50 lakhs?
Presuming that you qualify as NR under the Income-tax Act, 1961, only following incomes would be taxable in India:Income received in IndiaIncome arising or accruing in IndiaIf the above mentioned incomes exceed the prescribed threshold in your case during this financial year (INR 50,00,000), then you have obligation to report your assets and liabilities in India in your income-tax return for that year.Hence, you do not need to report your foreign assets/income in your Indian income-tax return provided you qualify as NR in India for the relevant financial year.Hope the above helps!
What is the perfect workout schedule and amount of calories to gain muscle, tone, and fill out?
I don’t think there is a “perfect” workout, or workout schedule, or calories to gain the results you want, the results will vary over different individuals. Don’t focus on searching for the perfect one, focus on finding what works for you, listen to advice from other people, try and get your own evaluation on what you have tried.Also, keep in mind that muscle gaining is a process, not an event, sometimes you are gaining muscle but you just don’t “see” the results, don’t get upset, if you feel good, if you feel you are doing the right thing, give it an other week or so and check, some times the results are just about to notice, but be patient.Having said that, I would give you some ideas based on what work for me. You have to eat a lot of protein, not a lot of calories (the rule of 1.5gr-2gr. per pound of weight is an OK rule in general), if you eat a lot of calories, you might gain some muscle, but they will be hidden under an important layer of fat and you will feel “bigger”, just not muscular, this is one of the biggest changes in approach in the past 2 decades vs. before.Try to eat a lot of protein sustained during the day, 30–40 grams per meal, and with some snacks also if you don’t reach the daily goal. Compliment those proteins with fiber, vegetables have micronutrients that are important to your body (maybe undiscovered yet, but think of your body as a finely balanced machine, if you lack something, other parts do not reach max efficiency nor gains). So, just eating meat, fish and poultry will not do it alone. Try to eat carbs on all meals (or skip carbs at night) but reduced portions, be more afraid of carbs than of fats. Do not eat in excess, never, eat what you want in reasonable portions or very small portions if it is something you shuldn’t be eating in the first place and avoid at all cost the primary sources of empty calories like Candy, Sodas, etc.Workout between 4 to 6 days a week, at least 3 days try to train big muscle groups (back, legs, pecs), it is not true that only through lots of weight you gain muscle, you can also train with less weight and adding reps until you can do no more reps (but not like 30 reps, except for body weight training like push ups) 8–18 reps will do if you have limited access to weights, or if you are coming out of an injury, or if you want to prevent injuries. This last thing is very important, injuries are one of the primary sources to keep motivated people away from training!I hope that helps.
What shocked you today as an Indian?
Today I spoke to an IAS aspirant who is 25 years old whose family members are government employees so the conversation goes like this…Me: When is voting in your place?He : No ideaMe:Will you not vote?He: No most probably I will never vote entire my life..Me: How about your parents and sister?He: Dad might vote the rest will notThis shocked me as an Indian, these people need all the facilities from government and secured job as well, but don't want to cast vote because they are not interested in politics . I tried to make him realise the importance of voting but everything in vain.Nowadays it has become a trend don't vote but blame government for everything.Guys please cast your vote it's very important every vote matters.Jai HindEdit 1: I see few people commenting why should they vote when there is no deserving candidate?Why should government pryou jobs? Even if they prare you deserving? What is your contribution towards your country? Did you do your duty being a citizen of this country?First do your duty later blame them . Why to spoil a vacation? This question shows how irresponsible you are . If you feel that candidates are not deserving , you can go for NOTA . Tell them that they are not deserving.This answer is not make fun of someone it's just to create awareness so that people go and vote . It's we who are so called "educated" don't vote and expect the government to function without flaw and prus all the facility.Please voteThanks
What are some reasons why people don't volunteer?
I used to volunteer for stuff. Not once did anyone take me up on my kind offers of help with their endeavors.I volunteered to work evacuation flights out of Beirut during the civil war. (Wars are never civil.) “Thanks for volunteering, but we have enough flight service out of New York.” Show offs.I volunteered to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter. “We’re sorry, we don’t need you. We have enough volunteers to choke a horse.”I volunteered to help build a trail with the Sierra Club. “We’re sorry. We don’t need you. You don’t appear to have digging and log and rock moving experience and we suspect you just want to go camping with us. We’ll be happy to take a donation, though.”I volunteered to work for Teach For America. “We’re sorry. We don’t need your services, and we won’t even bother to tell you why. Probably you should just donate your money.”I volunteered to work with the Red Cross and go to Louisiana from California at my own expense after Hurricane Katrina. “You must fill out these twenty pages of forms saying you release us from all liability even if we lead you straight into a swamp full of alligators, and that you understand that as a volunteer, our group leaders, for whom we’ve given up any hope of decent behavior, will feel free to abuse you and your generous nature, despite the risks you are taking for strangers. And you will need a ton of supplies. And by the way, you could die, and we won’t help you if you do.”The last one was the nail in the Red Cross donation coffin. I’d already heard too much about them, and none of it was good.Despite gifts of time or money to charitable organizations, they feel no obligation to help you back. Big Brothers, United Way, they can kiss my disposable income. Except Meals on Wheels. They brought us meals when my ankle was broken, and I couldn’t fix dinner for awhile.A strange woman at the pool told me she volunteers at a charitable organization five hours a day, five days a week, and thought I should, too. If I was gonna do that, I’d better be earning some dough.So I limit my volunteering to unseen, unsung efforts that don’t require expense, don’t lead to rejection or abuse, and don’t require scheduling blocks of hours out of every day.I pick up trash, I give money to homeless people, a sandwich to a hot, exhausted young traveler, cold water and a temporary resting spot for a lost or ailing animal, a courteous gesture to a stranger, a willing ear for family and friends and all the free advice they want. They don’t even need to tell me they didn’t take it.The upshot is, a bunch of people had their chance. I’m done with volunteering. There’s only so much rejection a girl can take.Edit: There is one charity for which my broker volunteered the entire office, mainly for her own aggrandizement, Habitat for Humanity. I resented someone else deciding how I should spend my off hours, and which charity I should work for. And I didn’t want to build a house for a family of four who had more income than I did as a newbie realtor. I had work to hustle up. The hell with that noise.
How do I schedule a US visa interview of two people together after filling out a DS160 form?
Here is a link that might help answer your question DS-160: Frequently Asked QuestionsFor more information on this and similar matters, please call me direct: 650.424.1902Email: heller@hellerimmigration.comHeller Immigration Law Group | Silicon Valley Immigration Attorneys
How do I crack UPSC CSE in the first attempt while being under any circumstances?
I will share my story and the strategy that I followed to clear the coveted Civil Services Exam in the first attempt.First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. Civil services was never childhood dream. I did not start preparing from my school days and if anyone tells you that you need to start preparing from 8th standard, it is a myth and do not take them at face value.I did my B.Tech from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in Kerala. After graduating in 2022 I was working with ITC Limited, as a mechanical engineer. It was during my stint at ITC that I decided to prepare. So, I put in my papers in the June of 2022 and started preparing from July 2016.Term of preparation:- I started my preps from July 2022 and wrote Prelims in June 2022. So that is a total of 11 months of focused preparation before appearing for CSE 2017.So let me now come to the topic of how to crack civil services in the first attempt.These are some prerequisites that anyone should have before starting their preparation.Unflinching self belief:- No one in the world is going to believe in you and your capabilities. And every tom, dick and harry will not miss any oppertunity to question your abilities and to blame you for every decision. So you of all people should believe in you, without that kind of confidence in yourself, seeing through this exam would become a Herculian task.Having an original plan/strategy:- Before I started my preparation for civil services, I had gone through strategies of many toppers. What I found out was that no two people had cleared this exam with the same strategy, but the common factor that runs through all those toppers were that they had their own strategies. Now that is rule number one. Do not blindly follow the strategy shown to you by a coaching institute or any topper, you need to have your own plan which magnifies your strong points and diminishes your weaknesses.Be tougher than the exam:- The civil services exam is dubiously dubbed as the toughest exam in the world. So to master the exam you need to tougher than it. You need to be prepared to face failures and get up and fight back stronger.Know your syllabus:- The most common mistake that most aspirants make is that they fail to go through the syllabus for the exam. Knowing what the syllabus demands and not demands is absolutely necessary fpr clearing this exam. Only then will we be able to target our efforts for quick results. Merely pouring through volumes and volumes of history and geography is not what the exam demands. there is a very highly defined syllabus and our effort should be to cover as much of the syllabus with as much clarity as possible.It is breadth that matters and not depth:- The Civil Services Exam is an examination to recruit generalist bureaucrats who would be able to handle any department under the government. The exam, therefore, demands the exact same thing, your vastness and breadth of understanding matters and not depth of understanding in any subject. A common mistake that I have seen aspirants make is that they try to cover a subject from cover to cover and in the end amassing as much knowledge in the subject as a PhD holder in that subject would have. Whereas the exam demands a mere fraction of that knowledge.Should one attend a coaching class to clear Civil Service Exam?This is perhaps the first decision any civil service aspirant will have to make before starting your preparation. Now this is highly subjective. Given the huge amount of online content that is available now-a-days it is perfectly possible to clear the CSE without joining any coaching institute.But I had enrolled at a coaching centre in Kerala. I did so because, at the start of my preparation I had absolutely no idea about the exam or how to prepare for the same. So for me some amount of guidance and handholding was necessary for me.Now I should add a word of caution here. Even if a candidate decides to join some coaching class there is only so much classes can do (at best say 20–30% of the work might get done in a classroom), it will entirely depend on how much effort that you put in that will decide your result.What books should I read?This is again a very subjective topic and there is not a single comprehensive book list that will help you clear this exam.NCERT Text books of history, geography, economics and polity from class Vi to XII are a must read in my opinion. Reading these books will help you cover and basics and create a strong foundation which you can supplement with your further reading. Personally almost 60% of my knowledge base for the static subjects come from NCERT text books.Below is a list of books that I followed for my preparation.The key here is to select the books you are comfortable with and to stick with them. Reading all the material that comes out daily is both impractical and unfruitful. Reading the same texts multiple times will be much more beneficial.How important is newspaper reading?Newspapers are vital for any preparation strategy. I used to spend atleast 2–3 hours daily reading the newspaper. It helps one cement the concepts and helps you evolve opinions and will help you analyse a given situation from multiple perspectives. This will come in handy especially during mains and interview stages.I used to prepare notes from The Hindu daily on the evernote app. This helped me stay organised. During the last 2 months of prelims preparation, I further reduced my one year worth of newspaper notes into crisp notes that filled one 100 page notebook. I read this condensed version multiple times and was the major source for current affairs preparation for prelims as well as mains.How important is mock exams?Mocks tests are very very very very very important in all the three stages of the exam. I cannot stress the importance of mock tests any more.For Prelims, giving lot of mock tests will help you refine your strategy to maximise your scoring. For some answering only those questions which they are absolutely sure of will do the trick. Whereas for someone else (like me) maximizing the number of attempts may help clear the cut off. And there is only one way to find out the strategy that will work for you, do umpteen number of mock exams.Perhaps, mock tests for mains are the most important. In mains it is not how much you know that matters, but how well you can articulate the things that you know in the limited time that is available. Mains answer writing is a skill, which can be mastered only with practice.Choosing the right optional subjectThe optional paper can make or break your career. So be very careful in choosing your optional. Your criteria while choosing the optional should beDo you like the subject, enough to spend thousands of hours pouring over it.Is there good guidance available for the subject. Especially are there good mock tests with good feedback available for the chosen subject.Also check the trend of past few years and check the scoring trend. However this should be the last consideration and the primary consideration should be for your passion for the subject.Pacing your preparation:-It is of utmost importance to rightly pace your preparation so that you never run out of steam. One must start slowly, but steadily build up momentum so that he/she can give the final push close to the examination.But the most important aspect to clearing this exam is to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. One must thoroughly enjoy the preparation phase to be able to bear with the stress that this exam puts on an aspirant. Take it one day at a time, enjoying the learning process and you are sure to succeed.All the very best!!
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