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Sba 413 Form: What You Should Know

SBA form 434 — Personal Business Financial Statement (SBG) Complete as follows: 1. The personal business financial statement must not exceed ten (10) pages in length (inclusive of the first page of the first personal financial statement) 2. All required information must be included on the first page of the second personal financial statement 3. The personal financial statement must be completed and signed by a person designated by either a proprietor or general partner 4. The personal financial statement (SBG) must include the following information for each proprietor, or a general partner: (1) gross monthly income, including gross operating income: gross income or gross income from businesses, and (2) net monthly income, including net operating income: net income or net income from businesses 5. Net operating income for all the proprietor's business operations must be reported on the personal business financial statement 6. Net operating expenses for all the proprietor's business operations must be reported on the personal business financial statement 7. Gross or net property or other income or expenses from a nonresident or foreign business activity must be reported on the personal business financial statement. SBA Form 434 is updated as follows: The person who serves as the responsible party shall change the name appearing in the personal business financial statement or business income statement on the Form 434 every three (3) years. If the responsible party fails to make the change after receipt of the request from the proprietor or the general partner or the stockholder of a general partnership, SBA shall provide a written notification, together with sufficient documentation, that the responsible party is failing to change the name appearing on the Form 434. 8a) Upon application for the SBA Disaster Loan Program, the proprietor or his general partner may designate a designated responsible party to fill out all the personal financial information for all business entities of the proprietor or general partner in accordance with SBA form 413. This Form 434 is revised: The proprietor or his general partner may request an amendment to an amended personal financial statement from the responsible party after the end of the three (3) year period to update information received from the proprietor or his general partner upon application for the SBA disaster loan program.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sba form 413

Instructions and Help about Sba form 413

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